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Kaki Gatal (Bahasa) – in English, means Itchy Feet (noun) , Kaki Gatal or Itchy Feet is actually a metaphor. They both have same meaning: very strong or irresistible impulse to travel. Wanderlust. Impulse, urge – an instinctive move. The need to leave; a feeling of a need to travel.

Cerita . ce.ri.ta (Bahasa) – in English, means Story . sto·ry \ˈstȯr-ē\ (noun) . Stories (pl) – a description, narrative shorter than a novel.

To make it clear, Cerita Kaki Gatal in English means Itchy Feet Stories.

For us, Cerita Kaki Gatal is a travel blog that comes from two people who have an urge to explore new things, to travel around, and to try something different. Cerita Kaki Gatal also can be described as the footprints dance on the device and our mind. Our goal is, to inspire, to persuade and share about either stories, tips and experiences with others.

It started when we talked random things, then it evolved into traveling and going on an adventure topics. As we both are fond of new things, places and tell everyone how awesome it is when we hit the road.

So here we are, create the story about to get an itchy feet. We surely hope, our Cerita Kaki Gatal will influence more people to explore, travel, try something different, because it is all about the adventures, astonishing panoramas, great food, the people we meet and the journey when we reach the amazing destination.